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recently air jordan 6 & quot; Hare" release custom, color matching is extremely spirit air jordan 7 Bugs Bunny in color, especially is tongue is completely copy, the biggest characteristic of the shoes is heel gourd Bu, very image. source: solecollectorAdidas NMD's rising popularity, it also forced Adidas to accelerate this paragraph of the introduction of more design. Recently, the network first exposure next year will be the sale of Adidas NMD_CS2 PK, and this section with the integrated design, supplemented by the gray stripe trim vamp, finally carrying signs of Boost corrosion and epicenter bottom, ankle V collar design let people find every Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping thing fresh and new. item: BA7187 adidas-nmd-cs2-pk-2017.jpg (111.44 KB, download number: 1) download adidas NMD_CS2 PK first exposure 2016-5-14 17:05 upload adidas-nmd-cs2-pk-2017-1.jpg (100.57 KB, download number: 2) download adidas NMD_CS2 PK first exposure 2016-5-14 17:05 upload Adidas, network, new models, 00Summer, the Nike Sock Dart streets and lanes are not the figure, this time for a brand brings a new design. The new bone color rather elegant throughout the uppers, shoe body is prepared by the material lightweight breathable, with transparent strap design is quite rare, white at the bottom end of the end is equipped with sm cheap jordans for sale ooth and clean. nike-sock-dart-cobblestone-sail.jpg (249.72 KB, download number: 4) download Nike Sock Dart Cobblestone 2017-7-1 08:48 upload nike-sock-dart-cobblestone-sail-1.jpg (197.95 KB, download number: 4) download Nike Sock Dart Cobblestone 2017-7-1 08:48 upload nike-sock-dart-cobblestone-sail-2.jpg (180.12 KB, download number: 4) download Nike Sock Dart Cobblestone 2017-7-1 08:48 Nike Sock Dart Cobblestone upload, 00& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes network Sept. 25 news, this time by no means groundless. Countryside campaign Adidas, Nike and other brands has begun. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; as Adidas, a member of the Cheap air jordans for sale China Development Department, Li Qiang, the past six months have been among the county-level cities and forth. He told the "China Business" reporter, in 2009, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to Adidas Chinese market to do forecasts show that market penetration to three or four lines are the best choice to expand market share, so the 2010 Adidas overall expansion strategy to low-level market. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike's strategy is exactly the same, even after it said it would introduce low-priced products leaked the main tier market. But how strange a foothold in this market, including changes in product pricing, channel development and cheap jordans for sale mens management model and other aspects are cause for concern. countryside round Li Qiang think Adidas countryside has become a trend. At present, China's sportswear market cities approaching saturation, the newly opened shopping mall business also deteriorated, including the entire retail outlets, including department stores are in tier market penetration. It is also a platform Adidas countryside. He disclosed that as early as 2009, Adidas hired Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on the development of the Chinese market, making predictions, it is the whole of China and regions all cities above county level, according to disposable income, The total cheap jordan shoes for men retail sales of social consumer goods and purchasing power and other indicators, divided into 1-7 class city. Combining adidas terminal sales data found that in 2007 ~ 2009, 1-3 class cities, sports products terminal sales to remain flat or even slightly declining trend; the result 4-7 class city just the opposite, sports products showed market share expansion momentum. "So our conclusion is that if not only affect sales of existing stores in the 1-3 class city to shop, but can not guarantee the quality of the shop. So go to low-level city is our 2010 In the general direction of expansion. "Li Qiang said that in the past in the new shop, shop t cheap jordans online he proportion of 1-3 class city with a 4-7 class city is about 6:4, but in 2010 this ratio will be reversed, Adidas in 2010 about 500 new store opening program, the number of low-level city shop will account for 70%. Nike shop area and the number is very consistent with Adidas. Currently the shop three or four line market dealers almost the same time agents Adidas and Nike. "Adidas, Nike, the largest city in the fierce competition, the four-tier cities penetration is a good choice. while countering domestic sporting goods companies Li Ning, Anta and other rural areas surrounding the city shop strategy . person "who has served in Anta dealer r Cheap air jordan 12 ovo epresentation. Obviously, this is also a dealer to expand the market opportunities. Guangzhou Bao Yuan Trade Co., Ltd. is Nike, Adidas and other brand dealers, mainly through the development of secondary distributors model to four-tier cities to shop. "Now the big city rents account for about 25% of sales, while low-rent low level of the city, so the chance of profit than the big cities, the net profit is also relatively high." Bao Yuan Trade Department of Business Development, sources said. The other big auto Belle report shows that Nike, Adidas sales of the two brands accounted for more than 80% of the Group's sportswear business, the net c Retro jordans for sale reation of 282 movement in the first half of 2010 Clothing stores are also the two brands. Nike encourage dealers to second and third tier cities and even forty-five shop and give shop subsidies. different markets But for good "city marketing thinking" of multinational companies, the countryside is clearly a complex issue. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ". We have no experience in the low-level operation of the market," said Li Qiang. Jianfeng, general manager of high cover consulting director Bo told reporters, in the process of dropping a multinational brand, product pricing, channel development and may encounter a variety of counterfeit produ cheap foamposites cts are the need to carefully consider the issue. Adidas currently practice no difference to the countryside and cities. Li Qiang said the next one to two years of low-level market, Adidas is part of the experimental stage, and now do not know how to price these markets acceptance. However, low-level dealers in the market habitually choose when ordering the public price of the product. For Nike will launch a low-cost product, Nike said it has not yet mastered this information. "Nike and Adidas to be appropriate to expand the proportion of medium-priced products rather than cheap seize the low-end market, otherwise it will hurt its high-end Retro jordans for sale brand image." The dealer has served in Anta told reporters , domestic brand Anta, Li Ning, the same function, the price of fabric, the series is about 65% of foreign brands. Olympic Sports Goods Co., Ltd. CEO Xu Zhihua also believes that Nike launched a series of low-priced products is unlikely, because the price positioning is very important, but may introduce individual styles. He said that Nike has lowered prices in 2009, but does not affect the sale of the Olympic. But high Janus believes that the four-tier market has enormous purchasing power has not been excited, and this is now a lot of brands dropping of important reasons. Nike, Adidas and so long as the control sales area, pay attention to the brand of tonality, guarantee the basic quality, then stretched product line by introducing different price of the product, limited impact on the brand. Foreign personal battle within One strategy Adidas shop location in a low-level market is to see if the local Anta, Li Ning, and other domestic brand stores and sell fire, then open a shop on the side. Clearly foreign brands on the market dropping as a threat to domestic enterprises, not small. Interestingly, Nike will launch low-priced shoes messages directly caused the stock market turmoil. because the market is always three or four lines of the headquarters of the domestic brands. Xu Zhihua told reporters that now the fight is the brand enterprises and end, as of the end of August 2010, the Olympic distribution network in China has reached 6,949, an increase of 153 over the end of June, the shop now or in the third-line market-oriented, because this market is Pick foundation lies. Meanwhile, Pick, Anta and other domestic brands are also accelerating the "encircling the cities" shop strategy. Olympic currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities out of more than 200 stores. Hua Xu said with a smile not afraid close the spring and summer before watching a few new single, the concept of football club F.C.R.B. this also brought 2016 spring series of the latest design. This wave of new products mainly to "hit the color" based, designer Wen Qing Yonghao through simple brand logo and "striped" elements of collocation, bring sport coat, Hoodie, long sleeved tee, shorts and caps of a single product, the collision of both retro and modern sports atmosphere. In addition, the brand and Stacksto cooperation in the plastic debris blue also once again return. It is reported that the series will be available in the F.C.R.B. designated stores in March 5th for sale, please look forward to!